• Move on a weekday if you can, when banks, utilities and government offices are open.

• Order preprinted address labels with your new address as soon as you know it.- It makes the change-of-address process much easier.

• Never make a move without wardrobe boxes! Not only can you move clothes directly from the closet, but there's room on the bottom of the box for shoes, throw pillows and linens.

• Keep a utility log to check service-transfer dates.

• If you're moving locally, leave the power and water on at your old address a few extra days so you can go back and clean up after your move.

• Pack items you know you'll need (sheets, towels, toiletries, tissues and a change of clothes) in your clothes hamper on moving day and you'll know just where to find them at your new place!

• Put plastic bags around the hoses of your washing machine and secure them with rubber bands to prevent leakage in transit.

• Choose a "packing room" ahead of time and box up a few things each day.

• Wrap lamp shades separately with clean, non-printed packing paper. Put two or three in a large box. They'll stay clean and won't get crushed.

• Mark each box with its contents and destination room. That way, you and your helpers will know where each box belongs at your new home.

If moving locally, you may want your pets to spend moving day with a friend. Animals can become confused and frightened during a move.

• Load houseplants last and unload them first.

• Load the heaviest items first, in front, and on the floor. Pack items firmly and closely.

Packing Help:
This is an itemized list of helpful hints, tips and ideas about preparing to move your precious items to Arizona. These tips are kindly provided by the folks from Uhaul.

Preparation and Wrapping:
Never use newspaper to wrap your possessions. Newspaper has an open-grain construction and the inks used in printing are not dried. That ink will rub off and stain anything you wrap in newspaper. Always use clean, white paper for packing.

For extra cushioning, line the bottom of the Dish Pak SM with the springboard from the Dish Pak Cell Kit. Place one plate in the center of a stack of wrapping paper and pull a few sheets of paper over the plate. Stack a second plate on top and pull another sheet of paper over to cover the stacked plates. For keeping your dishes as safe as possible, we recom-mend our Dish Saver Kits. You pack each dish individually... in a specially sized foam pouch...and then place it on end in the cell-protected box.

Cups, Glasses & Knickknacks:
Use our specially designed Glass Pack Kits for the finest protection. Cups and glasses may be “nested” (one placed inside the other) with three or four to a nesting. The first glass of the nesting goes into a foam pouch, which is then placed into the cell-protected box. Use additional Cushion Foam, as needed, to fill in excess space. Wrap and pack goblets and stemware individually. Do not nest them.

Small Kitchen Appliances:
Small items such as blenders and coffeemakers should be packed together. Wrap each appliance separately with Cushion Foam or Enviro-Bubble SM and place it in your box. Fill any empty space with paper, additional foam or bubble, or use this space for other, lighter items.

Home Electronics:
Wrap small electronic items in plenty of packing material (U-Haul ® Enviro-Bubble or Cushion Foam). Place each item in a U-Haul Electronics Box and then load it into Mom’s Attic ® (the space directly above the cab in your moving van) or wedge it on top of other soft items. Do not use loose-fill, foam Peanut Pak SM with com-puters. This material could generate static electricity that could damage circuit boards. TV/Microwave Boxes are ideal for moving your larger home-electronics units, especially 19" and 27" TVs. Use plenty of Enviro-Bubble SM to cushion these units.

Take a U-Haul Lamp Box and line the bottom with several layers of Enviro-Bubble for extra protection. Remove the lamp shade and bulb; wrap the cord around the base of the lamp. Use packing paper or Enviro-Bubble around the lamp base and tape it down. Place the lamp in the lined Lamp Box. If you have several tall table lamps, place them in the box so that the base of one lamp is fac-ing the top of the next lamp. When all lamps are packed, fill up the carton with plenty of paper or bubble-packing material. Lamp shades and artificial-flower arrangements will cushion and protect each other when packed in one of our large boxes.

Pictures & Mirrors:
We have specially designed Mirror/Picture Boxes. (For larger pictures and mirrors, telescope two of these boxes together.) Seal one end of the Mirror/Picture Box with U-Haul packing tape. Lay your picture facedown on a heavy-duty U-Haul Paper Pad...then fold over the edges of the pad and tape them down. Slide the protected pic-ture into the open end of the Mirror/Picture Carton. For extra protection, fill excess space with crumpled wrap-ping paper or paper pads. Next, seal the open end with tape. Stand the carton up in your moving van or trailer, preferably between mattresses or box springs.

With a U-Haul Wardrobe Box, it’s easy to take your clothes on hangers from closet to box. Our white liners keep clothes clean. Leave clothes in dressers, but make sure the drawers are not too heavy. (If a drawer is too heavy, it may be dam-aged en route.)

Washing Machines:
Protect your washing machine while in transit. Secure spring-mounted motors by bracing the tub with our spe-cial Tub Inserts SM . Disconnect the machine’s hoses from the wall. Put each hose-end in a plastic sandwich bag, then seal the bag tightly around the hose-end with a rub-ber band so that leftover water won’t leak out.

Consult your vet. A mild sedative may be your best bet for keeping your pet relaxed during your move. Cats and small dogs are best off making the trip in a pet carrier. If your pet is too big to travel this way, keep a leash on it at all times. And since your dog or cat is used to water from the “old neighborhood,” you might want to take some along…to keep “Spot” from getting an upset stomach during the move.

Refrigerator & Freezer:
Defrost, dry and load refrigerator in an upright position...using its inside space for bulky, lightweight goods (large stuffed toys and pillows). Always move and store your refrigerator in the upright posi-tion. Laying a refrigerator on its side could damage the unit.

Protect your mattresses and box springs from soiling with U-Haul ® Mattress Bags.

Small boxes are the perfect size for books. Pack books flat so that the spines won’t break. And don’t jam them in tightly. Never pack fragile items with books.

Chest of Drawers, Desks, etc.:
Pack drawers full, but make sure that breakable items are well padded. To prevent drawers from opening, place the unit up against the truck or trailer wall, or against a flat surface such as a mattress.

Remove legs from all tables and load the flat surfaces on edge. If this can’t be done, load tables on their top surfaces–legs up–taking care to protect the finish with blankets or padding. Garden Tools & Outdoor Furniture Tie or tape shovels, rakes and hoes together. Drain hoses, then coil them with the ends connected and tie them up. Take apart any items that are put together with screws or bolts. Place the parts in a sandwich bag taped to the item.

Water plants before your move…then wrap them in plastic, punch air holes in the wrap, and lay them in cartons. Plants will be better off riding up front with you.

Donate Unneeded Items:
As you prepare to move, consider donating unwanted clothing and household items. You’ll eliminate clutter and support an important cause. One choice, Goodwill Industries, provides job training for people with disabilities and other special needs. To find a Goodwill donation center near you, call your local Goodwill Industries (listed in the white pages of your local telephone directory).


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